Refresh are delighted to represent Ash, a bright talent on the scene with an incredible positive energy. Ash is a Presenter and Reporter, who has focused on engaging new fans to a range of sports.

Ash is currently a presenter on Channel 5’s ‘NFL End Zone’, joining the team in 2021, after discovering her passion for all things NFL during lockdown in 2020 when she began posting content online and gained a loyal following of sport fans who are interested in learning more about different sports.

Ash co-hosts Sky Sports’ ‘NFL: Her Huddle‘ podcast – which is a female-led NFL show in the UK. Ash also co-hosts the ‘And The NFL’ podcast.

Ash hosted ‘The Fly’ Lacrosse championships in 2023 and is also a host on ‘The Snap’, Sky Sports’ Digital NFL Show. 

Ash has a keen interest in sports that currently lack female representation such as, Golf, Cricket, F1 and Rugby. 

A breath of fresh air… and a talent ready to bring a new energy to the sports industry.

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