Refresh success in Stormzy’s #MerkyFC launch

We are delighted to have played a part in the launch of #MerkyFC, a project from Stormzy &  Adidas Football. #MerkyFC aims to help level the playing field by giving off-pitch opportunities to young Black people within the beautiful game.

Refresh were present across the launch of #MerkyFC, with client Jaydee Dyer co-hosting the event with Jeanette Kwakye. After the launch, Jaydee said on his Instagram page, “Honestly, this might be my favourite thing I’ve done in my career to date! We are the CHANGE and we are required for the FUTURE.”

Leon Mann, Managing Director of Refresh Sports, was also contributor to the launch of #MerkyFC. Speaking about the launch, Leon said, “THIS is how you use partnerships to push for change. #MerkyFC has purpose, credibility and the muscle needed to make things happen. Just imagine if we saw more of this? The symbolic is important. The actual work is essential.”

Stormzy was also interviewed by Refresh client Fadumo Olow for Sky Sports News, where Fadumo spoke him about the launch of the new Merky Foundation and Adidas partnership with 11 brands. Fadumo also asked Stormzy about his unplanned appearance on Monday Night Football with Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and Roy Keane, what he said when he met Sergio Aguero and to pick his musician 5-a-side team!

Speaking to Sky Sports, Stormzy said, “The statistics are shocking. I think it’s down to visibility a lot. Even growing up we didn’t see any black managers, black people on our screens in the media. 

“So I think when Ian Wright comes along, Thierry Henry comes along, we know we can kick ball – we’ve always known we can kick ball – but in terms of the roles and the other positions in the industry we don’t see our representation, and representation is important. When you can’t see it, it’s not always easy to believe it.”

#MerkyFC is open to all. Candidates can visit to find out more and register their interest in the placements available, with the nationwide application process commencing from November 4.

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