Refresh clients Dan Bardell and Sanny Rudravajhala sit down with The FA for the latest season of ‘Football & Me’

Sanny had the pleasure of interviewing some trailblazers in the game doing amazing things from the South Asian Community, such as Manisha Tailor, Arjun Raikhy and Nilesh Cho-han. And Dan sat down with some Grassroots legends.

Dan got to deep dive during this podcast episode, on everything that goes into working and volunteering within the game. The tireless work and hours that people put into their community, so that people have access to the beautiful game.

Sanny sat down for a super honest discussion about how those from South Asian backgrounds felt they lacked confidence in their youth because they didn’t have much support within the game and how key allies were vital in helping to support them on their various journeys.

Both felt it was a very special time to be filming the episode at St George’s Park, the home of the England team, during the Euros 2024.

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